Hour of Code 2014

We had a very successful Hour of Code last week. All students grades 1-5 had a chance to explore programming!

As I explained to a lot of the classes, Hour of Code isn’t about getting everyone to become computer programmers. It’s about understanding the world around us. We spend a lot of time in science class learning about the world around us: ecosystems, plate tectonics, photosynthesis, the solar system, plants and animals, simple machines, electricity, weather… In the last 20 years we’ve gotten to a place where we’re surrounded by computers, so having an idea of how they work is important.

We used a few apps. Good ones to check out are Lightbot, ScratchJr, and Hopscotch. The LightBot app we used had a series of tasks to teach programming concepts. ScratchJr and Hopscotch are apps where you start with a clean slate and can program whatever you want.

One of my favorite things about this activity is seeing kids working together. We have this  myth that programming means sitting alone at a computer, not interacting with anyone. It was great to see kids forming ad hoc groups to solve common problems.

And it’s always great to capture moments of success on video.


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