Elementary iPad Apps

This year we brought second and third grade into our 1:1 iPad program. Now all students grades 1-12 in Burlington have their own iPad to to work with.

Another year in, we’ve fine-tuned our choice of apps. We’ve trimmed the list a little from last year. This year we’re focusing on:

ipad2Elementary Foundational Apps:

  • Google Drive (including Docs/Sheets/Slides)
    We use Drive for sharing anything we create on the iPads.
  • Notability
    Notability is a note-taking and annotating app. It’s primarily used in the upper grades.
  • Explain Everything
    Explain Everything is a screencasting app. It allows students to record live screen manipulations (Drawings, etc) while layering their voice over it. This is a great, and very powerful, app.
  • Book Creator
    Book Creator is a very versatile app for creating digital books.
  • Socrative
    Socrative is a polling/quiz app.
  • Blogger
    Blogger is the app we use for the students’ digital portfolios.
  • Drawing Pad
    Drawing Pad is a great drawing app that integrates nicely with other apps (such as Book Creator, Explain Everything, and iMovie).
  • iMovie
    iMOvie is Apple’s video creation/editing app. The iPad version is very user friendly.

The district has also installed the following apps on all the student devices.

Elementary Essential Apps:

  • BB Clock
  • BryteWave K-12
  • Destiny Quest
  • Door 24 Math
  • Genius Scan
  • Google Earth
  • JogNog
  • Lexia Reading
  • Magnabet
  • NetTexts
  • PCalc Lite
  • Piano Partner
  • Read Naturally
  • ST Math
  • SymphonyMath
  • WWP Vocab

Teachers also have the ability to add apps to support what they are doing in the classroom. Common apps include:

  • Accelerated Reader
  • Chalkboard
  • Reflex Math

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